One of my coworkers

Implied that she doesn’t eat at the Mexican restaurants on Main Street because the food is ‘a little TOO authentic’ and also that she avoids that area of town anyway because of all the hispanic people.


Was too appalled to even drop that info, kicking myself for a missed opportunity and failing to stand up for myself.

Also, I need some advice:

How do I deal with customers who ask me absurd questions like:

"Are you two related?" When I am standing next to an Asian coworker?

My immediate reaction is to say ‘Why?’ and force the person into telling me that they are being racist and making a ridiculous assumption. Like, I don’t want to get fired but also I don’t want to be spineless. Mostly, I am afraid of many things. Where is the line and why do I even care after someone has already crossed it in this way?

Also, who my family is shouldn’t be public domain to a random stranger. Outside of being racist it is rude. Get off my shit random white lady.

Like, it’s just too ridiculous. I don’t go around asking white people if they’re related. It just makes no sense, I don’t even have words for it I guess. Except for maybe- never ask POC if they are related just because they are POC. Just don’t do it, it’s hurtful and weird.