My blood looks like barbecue sauce.

Busted my hand open at the gym but it was while I was running on the treadmill and not because I am tough or anything.

How is July almost over?

Bye, July

Stuff I Buy

Started treating myself to weekly ‘stuff’ even though collecting stuff is bad//whatever don’t judge me it helps my mental health a lot.

This week I bought a book (Lionhead) and a great new waterbottle.

Last week I bought hand made earrings from my BFF

I have fun money every week and I wasn’t using it for myself at all for like weeks and now that I am it fucking rules and it gives me something to look forward to every week because I am 5 and get immense satisfaction out of buying things.

Gonna invest in bendy straws so I can feel fancy every time I drink a cold drink.

I had a great day at work where I was super active for most of the day. Now I am exhausted. Gonna sit outside and read and maybe go to the gym.

Also, Josh and I are starting to pick out paint swatches for the apartment 😊

Had a really disgusting dream about feeling something squishy and wet on my right shoulder and when I went to brush it off it was a maggot and it turned into more multi sized maggots.


So happy about how brown I got this summer. Browner brown girl life~

I need a new lunch box

Little lady, big lunch.

A white dude at work told the whole break room that his college girlfriend from Korea had a Korean uncle who ate her dog while house sitting and I told him i didn’t believe him in front of all those same people and he offered up her Korean name as some sort of weak ass proof and I said that being Korean doesn’t make you a moron who eats someone’s pet and now I think he’s afraid to talk to me/hates my guts/don’t be racist okay?

Fuck, I am so grateful to have full time employment.

Stale hot chips taste like spicy paper.

When dudes are so interested in the sound of their own voice that I am literally not required to speak in a ‘conversation’ even when they ask me multiple questions.

Sew gifted ~

FROZEN: idgi

Dredd is such a good fucking movie

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