I forrealsies would love a huge ant farm for my office but like I don’t think Rosalie or my boss would be into that


Can’t win ‘em all


Put in for a four day weekend in October. Can’t wait to get away with my boo for a few days!

My friendship with Niki went next level this weekend when we had a critical conversation on white privilege and she is a white female who totally listened to and respected my experiences as a woc and even altered her opinions on some stuff and it was cool bc it is very rare for me to discuss this stuff with most white people face to face.

Niki rules.

My older sister and my brother in law are visiting me in CT for the first time since I have lived here.

I’ve been trying to be more positive about my strained relationship with her, and I am excited because it seems like we are both willing to put in the effort and sincerely try to get to know each other as adults. It feels nicer than holding on to resentment and pissed off emotions.

Also, we are going on a wine tour so I mean what could go wrong.

Tryna’ do a wine tour on Sunday so I can feel like a fancy lady

Today ended up being so beautiful!

Josh and I have no obligations in NJ for weeks now and I could not be happier! Not going anywhere any weekend if I don’t have to.

Felt so happy getting back to our neighborhood last night, even though we had only been gone for the day.

We have guests the next couple of weeks and I’m so excited for more people to see our beautiful apartment 😊

My very vocal love for the Kardashian family has finally extended to Josh, and he felt super defensive of Kim when Kumail and Emily made fun of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood on the Indoor Kids podcast.

My life just got so much better.

True love.


Power couple.

Stuff I Buy

Today I bought a maxi dress for my baby sister’s graduation party. I bought one last year and ended up giving it away because I hated how it looked on me. 

This year, I feel great wearing one because I am way more comfortable with my body.

Cool things.

Got out of volunteering 1.5 hours earlier than usual.

About to watch all of the Charmed

Almost bottomed out my car trying to get past the protesters at PPH this morning as fast as possible. COME ON GUYS, get out of the driveway, stop freaking everybody out.

Ugh, work today was NOT GOOD. I went through most of the week not having enough to do, and today I got completely dumped on with shit that needed to get done all in one day.

Almost ended my day on a high note, until 2 drivers showed up 5 minutes before I was supposed to be leaving and one of them was such a smart ass so of course I lost my temper because it was 2 on 1 and I was so stressed out that they were there so late and wasn’t sure what to do because it doesn’t happen very often and I am still inexperienced with stuff like that, and it made me so furious and now I am mad at myself because I hate losing my temper in front of other people.

I need to get better at making decisions on the fly. Regardless of what my decisions are, I need to reach conclusions faster and stick to them so these dudes don’t try undermining or confusing me.

I am mad at myself, and that’s the worst way to end a day.

Also, I am exhausted. I am meeting friends for dinner and I was looking forward to it all week and now I am just full of anxiety and so tired.

Tomorrow I am volunteering for most of the day, and I wish I was more invested in it but my head is just not there right now (or lately at all).

Ugh my life right now.

My blood looks like barbecue sauce.

Busted my hand open at the gym but it was while I was running on the treadmill and not because I am tough or anything.

How is July almost over?

Bye, July

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