Just scheduled an appt for a Halloween tattoo with a mutual from Instagram that I’ve been following for a couple of years now! cannot wait. Have wanted to get there for quite some tiiiiime also it’s been way too long since my last tattoo.


I hate days like this because my body literally cannot wake up and it’s so fucking miserable. Go away gloom😭

I’ve been listening to Watch the Throne for like 4 days straight this album is SO FUCKING GOOD idgaf if I am 3 years late on it.

Also, hang out with me on last.fm

Decided I’m going to dedicate 15-30 minutes of my lunch break to walking on the daily (or as much as weather will allow).



I just got bit by an ant in the privacy of my own home IS NOTHING SACRED?

Freddy Prinze Jr’s on screen jerk girlfriend from She’s All That plays an evil spider queen on Charmed tehehe

So glad about this weird heat because I feel like it’s my last chance to get as brown as possible before winter makes me pasty af

Super wishing I could Control + Shift + C and ‘motherlode’ my life so I could afford a maid to come by for $125/day who will eat the leftovers from my fridge at the end of their shift and get annoyed when I take a shower while they are trying to clean the bathroom and also not have to work and improve my painting skills on the daily and do nothing else because I am rich.

Sunday morning is my favorite

Ughhh, I’ve reached a point in my life where I do NOT want to be invited into a group setting with people I do not know if I am the only PoC there. I’m so fucking over it, like y’all don’t see it if you’re white but I’m gonna’ be tense as fuck the entire time waiting for someone to say something ignorant that I can’t call out because I’m too busy being a ball of anxiety/being afraid of ~ruining everyone’s good time~ /I do not care how cool or nice you think you all are I do not care if you are an actual saint and the best person in the world I don’t want it.

I love me

My boss is amazing because she kills all of the centipedes for me.

can’t wait for the hair thing to happen in less than 24 hours I can do this I can do this

My peE smelled like split peA soup today. How amusing ~

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