I wish that instead of saying ‘damn, that’s a nice ass,’ dudes would say ‘damn, that’s a nice ponytail,’ when I walk by.

Because it is a nice ponytail and it does deserve more attention.

Sew happy 2 b a brown girl ~

My life since 21 has been a really exhausting battle against out of balance hormones that make me depressed, and not always capable of existing anywhere outside of work and my house. I get tired really easily and my body hurts a lot so I’m almost always uncomfortable.

Sometimes (more frequently this year), I feel like I am actually winning my life back and I get myself outside and it is very cool.

Things are very cool today.

At least one of my coworkers sincerely believes that the reason no other Asian people work in our store is because ‘maybe Asian women aren’t cut out for this type of work.’ He says that because of one Asian girl who apparently used to work here but only lasted a week.

Excuse me hello, I guess I only bring my Puerto Rican ass into work m-f and leave my delicate Chinese hands at home.

Also, before making sweeping generalizations, read any book about any number of the tons of Asian cultures that exist and then try to say we are not a hard working people.

Also, maybe the last Asian woman left because she couldn’t stand how ignorant people were toward her on the daily????

Hats on hats  

Also I love layers, but they super fuck with braids how do other cuties with layers deal with this shit

Hats on hats

Also I love layers, but they super fuck with braids how do other cuties with layers deal with this shit

Love it or leave it~

I’m so tired of people who treat me, or the people in my life, like shit like it’s no big thing and think there won’t be any consequences to it.

Real sick of tryna be nice, so see ya never

Having silver and black hair will mean I need to go shopping strictly for black clothes so I can look as cool as my future hair will~

Why does being tired make people cry?

But am I cool enough for 2 tone hair? Realizing I should have done something like this 10 years ago and seriously doubting my babe abilities to pull off a new hair look.

Silver under black. Tell me I can 😭

How can I be a good artist when all I am really into right now is Sims 3???

Almost just hit a white dude with dreadlocks riding his bike because he ran a red light and then he have me like a ‘solidarity fist’ as I guess a thanks for not running him over.

Sir, I hate everything about you.

All this talk about Sims 4 reminded me that Sims 3 is the best game. See y’all in like a month.

Men are exhausting

A near perfect weekend, but none of it will matter if I can’t find the nail clippers. These claws are out of control.

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